Bob Mendham
County Sheriff
  • Undersheriff Chad Palmiter
    1035 E James Street, PO Box 845
    White Cloud, MI 49349
    Monday – Friday, 8am-12pm,1pm-5pm

  • (231) 689-7303
    (231) 689-7273
The primary mission of the Emergency Response Team is to assist police agencies with critical incidents as to save lives. The team responds upon the request of the incident commander and approval of the Sheriff to armed barricaded subjects, hostage situations, fugitive recovery and active shooter incidents. The team may also conduct high risk search and arrest warrant service upon requests from surrounding police agencies.
The unit is comprised of ten specialty trained and equipped multi jurisdictional team members and includes tactical sharpshooters, hostage negotiators, tactical medics and entry personnel. The unit trains monthly and constantly prepares to meet all essential mission tasks and functions that they may be called upon to complete for the citizens of Newaygo County. The unit’s tactical emergency medics (TEMS) operate under a mutual aid agreement with life ambulance services and provide specialty trained and equipped medics for all critical incidents and emergencies.