Friend of the Court

Live on YouTube

Friend of the Court cases are livestreamed when court is in session.  Remote appearance information can be found below for those appearing via Zoom, but if you need more information please visit our Appearing with Zoom page for more details and Zoom tips!

Public Friend of the Court hearings are also held with Honorable Melissa K. Dykman at:


Public hearings with Judge Dykman may be watched live at:


Public hearings with the Referee may be watched live at:

General Friend of the Court Information

The Newaygo County Friend of the Court assists parents and families with matters pertaining to child support, custody, and parenting time.  Child support services consist of establishing and enforcing child support across various cases types.  Custody and parenting time services consider the best interests of the child, or children, on each case. 

The Friend of the Court can be reached at 1-877-543-2660.  Please follow the Phone Number Instructions if you are unfamiliar with the automated system.  The Friend of the Court can also be reached at

Filing Documents

Documents may be submitted to the Friend of the court via mail, fax, or email:

Newaygo County Friend of the Court
PO BOX 885
White Cloud, MI 49349

FAX: (231) 689-7015


Filing a Motion?

State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) forms for filing child support, custody, and/or parenting time motions are located here as well as instructions.

Please contact the Newaygo County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office at (231) 689-7269 or Newaygo County Friend of the Court 1-877-543-2660 for assistance in scheduling a motion. 

Newaygo County Friend of the Court Forms

The Newaygo County Friend of the Court has internal forms used to initiate various processes or report information to the office. Please see some of these forms below and if you are looking for a different form, please contact the Friend of the Court at 1-877-543-2660 or

Current Personal Information Form

Financial Information Request Form

Ordinary Medical Expense Log

Parenting Time Abatement

Parenting Time Complaint Form

Payee Dismissal And Direct Pay Credit Form

Request For Enforcement Of Medical Expenses

Required Docs For DC 2021

Required Docs For DM 2017

Required Docs For DO 2017

Friend of the Court Orientation

The Newaygo County Friend of the Court is now doing its Orientation program remotely. Please see our Orientation page for further details.


The Newaygo County Friend of the Court has created a memorandum explaining parenting time issues related to COVID-19 for our office. Please see other additional resources on our FOC & COVID-19 page.