Economic Development


Julie Burrell

Senior Economic Development Director


Economic development services for Newaygo County are provided through a partnership with The Right Place, Inc.   

The Right Place’s regional strategic focus areas are advanced manufacturing, agribusiness & food processing, information technology and health sciences.

The Newaygo County community takes pride in its breadth of local talent, and invests heavily in its students. The award-winning Career Tech Center offers over 14 top-tier programs, supporting the area’s talent pipeline and careers of tomorrow. Students also benefit from the Newaygo County Promise Zone, offering 2 years of free college education. 

Businesses benefit from Newaygo County’s advantageous location, situated just 30 minutes from Metro Grand Rapids. Its three industrial parks are each located 20 miles or less from a U.S. Highway, and Newaygo County’s busiest road boasts nearly 20,000 cars daily.


Newaygo County
Economic Development Partnership

The Newaygo County Economic Development  Partnership is comprised of a five member advisory board, with members representing multiple sectors of our local economy.


The Newaygo County Economic Development Partnership will drive sustainable economic growth in Newaygo County and surrounding areas.


Newaygo County and surrounding areas will have a diverse and resilient economy, providing economic accessibility and opportunities for upward mobility for all.

Business Expansion

Entrepreneur Support

Community Development

A strong economy begins with supporting our existing business partners.  The Newaygo County Economic Development Partnership is the conduit to local, state and federal resources which support business expansions.

Together with regional partners, the Newaygo County Economic Development Partnership hosts the annual Pitch North competition, supporting entrepreneurs in Newaygo County & beyond.  

Whether housing developments or downtown revitalization, the Newaygo County Economic Development Partnership is eager to provide insight, guidance and connections to move community development projects forward.