Frequently Asked Questions

Newaygo County Parks and Recreation Commission
  • 4684 Evergreen Drive (M-37)
    Newaygo, MI 49337
  • (231) 689-7340
    (231) 689-7341

A Newaygo County Employee is the only one that can modify a reservation. Please stop and call 231.689.7430, and we call you as soon as we are available. Please do not book another reservation, as this will result in a cancellation fee when you call to cancel the incorrect reservation. Park employees can “move” your reservation dates to the correct ones. A $10 modification fee will be charged if the change generates a partial refund. 

Newaygo County Park Motor Vehicle Permits can be purchased in person at any of our campgrounds during our camping season or at any of our self-registration stations year-round.  Year-round, you can also buy one in person at the Newaygo Country Welcome Center. 

We accept cash, check, or card payments at our campground offices and cash or check payments at our self-registration kiosks.

No. A State Recreation Passport is only for Michigan State Parks and Recreation Areas. Newaygo County Parks are self-funded and rely on vehicle permits to maintain and improve our Parks.

Newaygo County Parks has the following cancellation and modification policy:

  • Holiday Cancellations: Cancellations for reservations that include a Holiday or Hot Boat are non-refundable. There will be no exceptions. In addition, modifying holiday reservations to other weekends will not be permitted. Holiday and Special event dates are listed on the Newaygo County Parks Website.
  • Non-holiday Cancellations: Cancellations received 11 or more days in advance will be charged a $25 cancellation fee, with the remaining balance refunded to the customer. Reservations cancelled 10 or fewer days in advance will be charged the $25 cancellation fee and two nights camping fees, with the remaining balance refunded to the customer.
  • Non-Holiday 21-Day Stay Cancelations: Cancellations received 11 or more days in advance will be charged a $50 cancellation fee, with the remaining balance refunded to the customer. Reservations cancelled 10 or fewer days in advance will be charged the $100 cancellation fee with the remaining balance refunded to the customer.
  • Seasonal Cancellations: Seasonal cancellations made on or after the beginning of the season are not eligible for a refund.
  • Reservation Modifications:  Any reservation modification that generates a partial refund will be charged a $10 fee. 

Daily and annual passes will give you access to all our Park and properties; these include:

  • Sandy Beach County Park
  • Ed H. Henning County Park
  • White Cloud County Park
  • Diamond Lake County Park
  • Pettibone Lake County Park
  • Newaygo County Sports Park
  • Hardy Dam County Marina

Yes, pets are allowed in our parks, on a leash, but not in our buildings or camping cabins. All pet owners must follow the rules in Newaygo County Ordinance #01/2020 section 24 referring to Pets.

All cabins have electricity. There is no running water or restrooms in any of our cabins.

Cabins sleep 5-6 comfortably. The guest needs to provide all their bedding, linens, dishes, coffeemaker, etc. All cabins have one full-size futon, 4-XL twin mattresses, microwave, mini-fridge, folding table and two chairs, in-wall heater, ceiling fan, outside charcoal grill, fire ring, and picnic table. (Renter must provide any charcoal and fluid) Check out our Cabin Tour Video for more information.

 No, rustic sites have full access to any of the bathhouses/showers in the Park. Rustic means the campsite does not have electric, water, or sewer hookups.

Only one camping unit (tent, trailer, etc.) is allowed per site. A small tent is allowed for minor children only, with approval from Park Staff. Adult guests will need their own site.

One family consisting of parental figures and unmarried children, or one group consisting of no more than eight (8) individuals.

There is not a limit on the number of vehicles, but they all must be within your campsite boundaries. Additional vehicles that can’t fit on your site will need to be parked in a parking area.

We do have quiet hours from 11 pm to 7 am, and we do enforce them. Campers are welcome to enjoy their campfires and visit with friends quietly during quiet hours, but we require the music to be turned off and talking volumes be lowered to respect your neighbors. Also, non-camping visitors must leave the Campground by 10 pm. Please also note, all generators must be shut off during quiet hours.

Newaygo County Park Customers are the people who pay for the operation and maintenance of the County Parks. Newaygo County Parks is a 100% self-funded Department. Our primary income source is through revenue received from the sale of vehicle passes, campsite reservations, and other facility rental fees. We use this money to maintain and improve the Newaygo County Parks system.

If you are in need of a replacement annual vehicle sticker, please just bring in more than 50% of the original sticker, and we will replace it free of charge.  If you can not bring in at least 50% of the pass, you will need to purchase a new one.