County Jail

Bob Mendham
County Sheriff
  • Undersheriff Chad Palmiter
    1035 E James Street, PO Box 845
    White Cloud, MI 49349
    Monday – Friday, 8am-12pm,1pm-5pm

  • (231) 689-7303
    (231) 689-7273

Hours of Operation – The jail is open 24 hours. The Jail Administration Office hours are posted above.

The original jail at 300 Williams Street, White Cloud, MI 49349 was constructed and occupied in 1967. It was designed to hold thirty six (36) inmates. As years went on and the county’s population grew, the jail became too small for the needs of the county. It was not uncommon for the count to reach 70 to 75 on a busy weekend. In fact, in 1989 the jail was forced to declare and invoke the Jail Overcrowding Act on five separate occasions. Inmates were released back into the community prior to the completion of their sentence.

A jail expansion project started in 1989. The original portion went through some major renovation and a large addition added that increased the rated capacity dramatically. The addition was completed in the spring of 1990. At that time the facility was rated for 212 beds. The average daily population was 190. There were 29 individual housing units under one roof that are designed to house inmates classified from maximum to minimum custody security levels. Due to the ability to rent bed space to outside agencies the project was paid off within a five year period.

Another expansion project was completed November 1, 2010. With that project completed the new rated capacity is currently two hundred fifty eight (270) beds. Along with that, new administrative offices were built, The entrance for the Sheriff’s Office and Jail are now located at 1035 E. James Street.

The Newaygo County Jail currently houses inmates for the West Michigan District of the United States Marshals Service. If anyone has questions relating to a federal detainee please contact the U.S. Marshals Service in Grand Rapids, Michigan at 1-616-456-2438.