Jail Fees

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Booking and Housing Fees

Inmate Booking Fee

Per State of Michigan, pursuant to Public Act 121, MCL 801.4b

Each person booked into the Newaygo County Jail is required to pay a $12 Booking Fee to the Newaygo County Jail.  A Civil infraction citation (ticket) will be issued at release for the $12.00 booking fee.  Failure to pay this citation within 14 days of release from the Newaygo County Jail will result in the citation being turned over to District Court for collection, issuance of a Warrant and $150 fine, plus costs and must be paid at the 78th District Court (231-689-7255).

Booking Fee payments will be accepted within 14 days of release and can be paid by credit card through www.expressaccount.com or by calling 866-422-6833.  You can also pay directly at the Newaygo County Sheriff/Jail Administration Office by credit card or with EXACT cash (we do not make change).

If an inmate who has paid the booking fee is later found Not Guilty or the charges are dismissed (on ALL charges), they may fill out a Booking Fee Refund Form for a refund of the $12.00 fee paid.  The required form is available the Jail Administration Office.  Once all requirements are met, a check will be issued within approximately the next week and mailed to the inmate.

Housing/Medical Fees

Michigan Public Act 118 of 1984, MCL. 801.81

Michigan Public Act 118 of 1984 allows that County Jails may seek reimbursement for housing and expenses from inmates.  Inmates are required to reimburse the County of Newaygo for a portion of the cost of their housing while incarcerated.  This law, more commonly known as the “Prisoner Reimbursement to the County Act”, allows counties to charge up to $60.00 per day for room and board in addition to any expenses the inmate may incur while incarcerated.

  • The Newaygo County Jail currently charges $30.00 per day for room and board and inmates are charged for medical treatment/prescriptions received while incarcerated in addition to Indigent fees (charges for haircuts, personal care kits, etc).
  • Housing will not be billed until the inmate is no longer incarcerated in the Newaygo County Jail.
  • Medical fees are taken out at the time of medical care.
  • Housing and Medical expenses are NOT part of fines and costs imposed by the Court.
  • Payment plans are available by contacting Inmate Reimbursements at 231-689-7303.
  • Refusal to pay or acknowledge the housing/medical expenses will cause the expenses to be referred to a Collection Agency who will take whatever course of action they deem necessary to collect including legal action.  An adverse effect may result in an inmate’s credit reference for as long as seven years.
  • A 50% discount will be given on Housing Fees if the invoice is paid within 60 days of release or a payment schedule is agreed upon.
  • Housing/Medical invoices can by credit card through www.expressaccount.com or 866-422-6833