Orientation Information

When a new divorce case is filed it can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming for the parties.  What do I do now?  What can I expect?  How do things work at the Friend of the Court?  Who do I talk to and about what?  To assist people going through this process the Newaygo County Friend of the Court has included as much information about what we do as possible to get you started.  The documents below provide general information about child support, parenting time and custody and more detailed information can always be requested from our office.

Necessary Forms

The Friend of the Court needs certain forms to put your case on the Michigan Child Support Enforcement System (MiCSES) properly.  The Friend of the Court, also known as receiving IV-D services, must be requested by one of the parties unless either party is on public assistance.  If either party is on public assistance Friend of the Court, or IV-D, services are mandatory.  Please complete the forms below and ensure that the Friend of the Court office receives them for processing purposes.

Application For IV D Services DHS 1201d

Verified Statement FOC 23

Informational Documents

The following documents focus on frequently asked questions and a general overview of Friend of the Court services.  Some of these documents are office specific to the Newaygo County office and some are general and created by the Office of Child Support.

Orientation FAQ 2022

Orientation Newsletter 2023

Friend Of The Court Handbook

Michigan Parenting Time Guideline

FOC Guide To Custody PT & Support

Parenting Time Assistance Brochure


The websites below provide additional information about Friend of the Court processes.  Some of the websites require account set up.  It is highly recommended that you create a MiCASE account which is the first link below.  This will be a good source of information moving forward for your case.



One Court of Justice | Home (michigan.gov)

Orientation Program

The Newaygo County Friend of the Court’s Orientation Program is coming soon!  Thank you for your patience.