Civil Process Division


Under the provisions of civil process, the Sheriff’s Office will bill the following amount for each service rendered according to Michigan law.   This program was started in November 2018 to assist the courts, attorneys, and citizens with another avenue for serving civil process papers.

MCL                                       DESCRIPTION                                                                                                     FEE

600.2559(1)(a)                   Personal service of a summons and complaint in a civil action      $26.00

Along with supporting documents, for each defendant.


600.2559(1)(b)                   Personal service of an affidavit of account and statement              $26.00

For each defendant.


600.2559(1)(c)                   A request and writ of garnishment for each garnishment                $23.00

And defendant.


600.2559(1)(d)                   Personal service of an order to seize goods subject to claim           $40.00

And delivery action.


600.2559(1)(e)                   Receiving and filing a bond from or on behalf of a defendant       $20.00

In a claim and delivery action.


600.2559(1)(f)                    An order to show cause, for each person served.                              $26.00


600.2559(1)(h)                   Levy under or service of an order to seize property and any          $40.00

Accompanying paper.


600.2559(1)(k)                   Each notice of sale under an order for the seizure of property      $26.00

Or construction lien posted in a public place in the City

Or Township.


600.2559(1)(l)                    Order of eviction or a writ for the restitution of promises,             $40.00

For each defendant.


600.2559(1)(m);                Subpoena directed to a witness, including a judgement debtor   $26.00



600.2559(1)(n)                   Civil bench warrant or body execution.                                               $40.00


600.2559(1)(o)                   Service by mail.                                                                                         $13.00


600.2559(1)(p)                   Each verification.                                                                                     $10.00


600.2559(1)(q)                   Each postal change of address verification requested by the         $10.00



600.2559(3)                        Incorrect address; sworn affidavit required.                                      $10.00


Service of a Personal Protection Order (PPO)                                                                                 $125.00


Out of state paper service (FOC, Divorce, etc.)                                                                               $75.00 plus mileage


** The rate of pay for a peace officer will be $80 minimum for up to 2 hours and $40 an hour for any additional hours.  (Example- if an officer is only needed for an hour, the amount charged will be $80).