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Drain Commission
  • 306 S North Street, PO Box 885
    White Cloud, MI 49349
    M-F 7:30am-12:00pm and 1pm-4pm

  • (231) 689-7213
    (231) 689-7266

For Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day & Tire Collection Day, see Board of Public Works section.

Since June, 2017, the Newaygo County Department of Public Works has overseen the recycling sites across the county. Household recycling is a way to reuse items so they do not end up in a landfill. In order to sell the recycled materials, they must be clean and only the items listed must be put in the provided containers.

These are provided as a service to county residents and to promote and protect the environment by reusing items. No trash, household items or anything hazardous may be dropped off. Locations will be closed if unrecyclable items are dropped off. Unless otherwise noted, these sites will continue to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You too can support recycling services in our community.
Please make checks payable to:
Fremont Area Community Foundation and write ‘Newaygo County Recycle Services’ in the memo line. Checks can be mailed to: Fremont Area Community Foundation, 4424 W. 48th Street, Fremont, Michigan 49412.

Donations are also accepted in our donations boxes, located at each recycle site, and online through the Community Foundation’s website: Click on the “Give Today” button located at the top of the page. Please include ‘Newaygo County Recycle Services’ when asked for your gift’s purpose.
Thank you for your generosity.

Recycling locations:

Grant: 160 E. State St., Grant- Across from Grant Middle School. Hours- Mon through Thur & Sat from 8am-12pm. 

White Cloud: 12 N Charles St- Recycle bins are located just East of City Hall on Pine Hill, driveway is on the left, before the railroad tracks. Hours- Mon through Sat from 8am-4pm.

Fremont: 5510 56th St. Fremont- Same drive way as Fremont Mini Storage. Hours- Mon, Wed & Sat from 9am-12pm. 

Newaygo: Brooks Township Hall, 490 Quarterline St., Newaygo. Use Division Street entrance. Hours- Tue, Thur & Sat from 9am-3pm. 

Transfer Stations:

Wilcox Township Transfer Station: 2880 E Monroe St, White Cloud- (231) 689-2133. Every Saturday 9am-2pm.

Croton Transfer Station: 5600 E Elm St, Croton- (231) 652-3330 Newaygo.

Everett Township Transfer Station: 2410 S Spruce, White Cloud. Corner of Spruce & 24th St-

Merrill Township Transfer Station: 9555 N Bingham Ave, Baldwin- Located at Bingham & 12 Mile Rd. 

Updated Recycling Rules:

Cardboard: Boxes must be broken down

Paperboard: (Cereal boxes, cake mixes, etc.) must be flattened.  Shredded paper is NO LONGER accepted at any Newaygo County Recycling Sites.

Newspaper: No strings or in plastic bags

Paper: Household paper, junk mail, office paper (No wrapping paper, tissue paper, waxed paper)

Plastics: Plastic containers with number 1-7 on the bottom. Must be rinsed clean and no lids. Labels are okay.

Plastic bags: All Newaygo County Recycling Sites will NO LONGER accept plastic bags.In