Frequently Asked Questions

Stewart K. Sanders
Register of Deeds
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    White Cloud, MI 49349
    M-F, 8 AM – 5 PM
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No, the Register of Deeds Office does not provide forms.

Cash, Check, Debit* or Credit* Cards

*A service fee/charge is added for this method of payment.

EXAMPLE:  If the payment is $100.00 or less the service charge is $3.50. If the payment is greater than $100 then the service fee is 3.5% of the total payment.

A search may be conducted by: Name, Tax I.D/ Parcel #, or Legal Property Description (obtain from Equalization Department or local township).

No, Free.  No fee required for Grantee (buyer)/Grantor (seller) searches. 

A search done by the Legal Property Description.


All Documents registered/recorded with the Register of Deeds Office are public record.

We do not do searches for you. However, you may use our records for your inquiries.

Our records for deeds have been indexed back to 1910 and we are adding more documents daily. Our records go back to 1840.

We cannot answer that. We only deal with land records. Check with either your Township, State Archives, or the Building Inspector’s Office.

See the Equalization Department, for more information, 

or call 231 689-7244.

No, deeds are only for the land, not the structures that sit on top of the land.

  ONLY If it is a recorded subdivision or recorded site condominium.

Only if the Survey is recorded with this office.

For prompt and accurate return of documents we require a self-addressed stamped envelope for everything that comes through our office.

No, only documents with original signatures can be recorded.

 No, recording fees are due and payable at time of recording. They cannot be billed.

No, court documents must be Certified by the Court to be recorded.                                                      This applies to Death Certificates, as well.

A Sheriff’s Deed is recorded within 20 days from the date of sale. Prior to recording, contact  (231)652-7674 for sale information.

Tax paid by the Seller of the property on the amount of money the property sold for. 

There is a County Transfer Tax fee of $1.10 per thousand-dollar transaction. The State Transfer Tax fee is $7.50 per thousand-dollar transaction.

Example:  A house was sold for $99,980.00 (the sales price is rounded up to the                          nearest $500 dollars)

House Sales Price: $100,000

State Transfer Tax fee is: $750.00

County Transfer Tax fee is: $110.00

Total Transfer Tax fee is: $860.00

Example:  A house sold for $100,000.01, (we would use the figure $100,500 for the sales price.)

House Sales Price: $100,000.01, round to $100,500

State Transfer fee is: $753.75

County Transfer Tax fee is: $110.55

Total Transfer Tax Fee is: $864.30

Yes, please see Transfer Tax Exemptions here.

The document must be recorded in each county.

The Transfer Tax is pro-rated and paid to each county.

 We are located in downtown White Cloud, Michigan 

In the (red roofed) Administration Building.

Across the street from the U.S. Post Office and Independent Bank – on Wilcox Ave.

The address is:  1087 East Newell Street, White Cloud, MI  49349