Dog Licensing Information

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It is a law in the state of Michigan that if you own a dog, you MUST get that dog licensed. Changes in the dog licensing law took effect in 2004. We hope these changes will make it more convenient for you to obtain licenses and keep your dog’s records current.

Starting in 2004, both one and three-year licenses were made available and expire on the last day of the month (not year) that the rabies vaccination expires. Be sure to apply for a dog license in the month (not year) that your dog’s vaccination expires. Example; if your dog’s rabies presently expires in April 2021 you still need to apply in April 2021 for a one-year license. After your dog’s rabies vaccination is updated in April 2021 and your dog receives a three-year rabies vaccine, then it will be eligible for a three-year dog license at that time, expiring in April 2024. If the owner prefers, a one-year license may still be purchased.

Click HERE to obtain a current dog license application. Please email the completed application to the email address posted on the top of the application.

Click HERE to pay by credit card.

For more information on low-cost spay and neutering, you may visit the Community Spay-Neuter Initiative Partnership website at: or call you local veterinarian.

For information on microchip implants and recovery programs for your dog, please contact your local veterinarian and/or visit or Individuals interested in having their dog tattooed should contact Tina Moreno of the Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA) at (517) 241-2748 to locate an individual approved by the department to tattoo dogs. The MDA’s tattoo program registry and the American Kennel Club’s Companion Animal Recovery program are just two of the registries available to help reunite pet owners with their lost dogs.

Click HERE for answers to some commonly asked questions concerning the dog licensing law changes.

Licenses are not currently available from your veterinarian, township, city or village treasurer. They are available at the Newaygo County Treasurer’s office, 1087 Newell, PO Box 885, White Cloud, MI 49349. You may apply in person or by mail.

You may apply in person, by mail or via this website Here.