Live on YouTube



All public hearings are livestreamed on YouTube to provide the public with access to hearings without them having to be physically present.  Hearings livestreamed on YouTube are removed following the hearings.

If the Circuit Court is having technical difficulties and the livestream does not work the court hearings will be uploaded after the docket for the day is completed to provide hearing access to the public.

You can watch livestreams from Circuit Court with Judge Springstead and Judge Dykman or Friend of the Court with Referee Paige anytime the courtrooms are in session.

Judge Springstead in Circuit Court

Judge Dykman in Circuit Court

Referee Paige in Friend of the Court

Court Is in Session

Please remember that Court is in session when you are appearing remotely.  You should prepare and dress for court just as you would if you were appearing in person.  Please see Appearing with Zoom for other helpful information!