Dog Licensing

Kelsey Kakoczki
Chief Animal Control Officer
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    White Cloud, MI 49349
    M-F, 8am – 5pm
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An owner of any dog that is 4 months old or older must ensure that the dog at all times wears a collar with a tag obtained from the County Treasurer’s Office. The only exception to the requirement of a tag on a dog collar is if the dog is engaged in lawful hunting, accompanied by its owner or custodian.

The Newaygo County Board of Commissioners finds that the fees imposed by the schedule below are necessary to fund Newaygo County’s obligations under the Dog Law.

Dog Licenses may be purchased with a current proof of rabies vaccination ONLY at the Newaygo County Treasurer’s Office. For full dog licencing information visit the  Newaygo County Treasurer’s Office page. 

Starting in 2004, both one and three-year licenses are available and will expire on the first of the month (not year) that the rabies vaccination expires.

Fee Schedule:

One-Year License

  • Male or Female Unsexed:  $ 8.00
  • Male or Female Sexed:  $ 20.00

Three-Year License

  • Male or Female Unsexed: $24.00
  • Male or Female Sexed: $60.00