Kennel Information

Kelsey Kakoczki
Chief Animal Control Officer
  • 78 North Webster Street
    White Cloud, MI 49349
    M-F, 8am – 5pm
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A kennel license may be issued to any person operating a dog kennel in accordance to MCLA 287.270 and Newaygo County Dog Ordinance No. 01/1999, Adopted June 9, 1999 and Amended September 12, 2001.

Definition of a Kennel:  Shall mean any establishment wherein three or more dogs are confined and kept for sale, boarding, breeding or training purposes, for remuneration, and a kennel facility shall be so constructed as to prevent the public or stray dogs from obtaining entrance thereto and gaining contact with dogs lodged in the kennel.

Kennel License:  Apply to the county treasurer for a kennel license entitling him to keep or operate a kennel.  Proof of vaccination of dogs against rabies shall not be required with the application.  The license shall be issued by the county treasurer on a form prepared and supplied by the director of the department of agriculture, and shall entitle the licensee to keep any number of dogs 4 months old or over not at any time exceeding a certain number to be specified in the license.

Inspection:  Each kennel shall be inspected prior to the issuance of a kennel license to insure proper sanitation and that the kennel will not violate any law or ordinance of the County of Newaygo, or any law of the State of Michigan, or constitute a menace to the health, peace, or safety of the community. (R 285.129 Regulation No. 129 Governing Dog Kennels)

Fees:  A License and Inspection fee will be charged for each kennel application.

License fees: 

  • 4-10 Dogs – $10
  • 11-20 Dogs – $25
  • 20+ Dogs – $25
  • Boarding Dogs – $30

A fee of double the original license fee shall be charged for each previously licensed kennel, whose kennel license is applied for after June 1.

Inspection fees:

  • 4-10 Dogs – $40
  • 11-20 Dogs – $75
  • 20+ Dogs – $125

Rabies Vaccination:  Before any dog may be licensed, the dog owner must provide proof of vaccination of the dog for rabies by a valid certificate of vaccination for rabies with a vaccine licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture signed by an accredited veterinarian.

Display of License:  Every person having a kennel license shall keep the license exhibited in a conspicuous manner in the kennel.

With each kennel license the County Treasurer shall issue a number of metal tags equal to the number of dogs authorized to be kept in the kennel.  All the tags shall bear the name of the county issuing it, the number of the kennel license, and shall be readily distinguishable from the individual license tags for the same year.

Steps to Obtaining a Kennel License

1.    Call the Treasurer’s office (231) 689-7230 and request a kennel application to be sent to your address or you can complete the online Kennel License application and then print a hard copy.

2.    Call your Township Zoning/Administration to find out if there is a township ordinance you have to adhere to or if they require an inspection.

3.    If you complete the application on line you must print a hard copy and then call Animal Control at (231) 689-7020 to set up an appointment for a kennel inspection. If you called and requested an application be sent to you by mail then you must wait until you receive the application then call to set up an appointment for a kennel inspection.


4.    An Animal Control Officer will come out to the property to complete the inspection and sign the application form.

Once the inspection is complete and the Animal Control Officer signs the application you may mail the application along with the required fee to the Newaygo County Treasurer’s Office at P.O. Box 885, White Cloud, Michigan 49349  or you may visit the Newaygo County Treasurer’s Office at 1087 Newell Street, White Cloud, Michigan 49349.