Kelsey Kakoczki
Chief Animal Control Officer
  • 78 North Webster Street
    White Cloud, MI 49349
    M-F, 8am – 5pm
  • (231) 689-7020 (Leave Message)

The Newaygo County Animal Shelter is open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and is closed on Wednesdays.

Although the Newaygo County Animal Shelter is only required to handle dogs, we do have a cat room available for those interested in adopting cats or kittens.

In an effort to help control indiscriminate breeding of homeless dogs and cats in Newaygo County, all adopted animals will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption. It is our hope that by working together we will make Newaygo County a better place for all to thrive safely and humanely.

Newaygo County Animal Shelter adoption fees are as follows:

  • Dog Adoptions: $90 includes spay/neuter, DP Vaccine, Deworming, Heartworm Test, 1 year Rabies Vaccine, and 1 year Newaygo County Rabies License.
  • Cat Adoptions: $65 includes spay/neuter, 1st Feline Vaccine, and Deworming
  • Owner Surrender: $25.00

Return to Owner:

  • 1st Offense:  $25.00 plus $5.00 shelter fee per day after the first day until the animal is claimed
  • 2nd Offense within 12 months:  $40.00 plus $5.00 shelter fee per day after the first day until the animal is claimed
  • Trap Deposit Cash only: $35.00 which is refunded when the trap is returned in good condition
  • Euthanization: $25.00

Make Checks Payable to:

NCAS or Newaygo County Animal Shelter

By law, all animals adopted from an animal shelter must be spayed or neutered.

Please Spay and Neuter Your Pets!!!

Click here to view current pets available for adoption at the Newaygo County Animal Shelter!