Frequently Asked Questions

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Contact your local township assessor.  This information is stored in the township database.

No. We are a government agency and cannot make recommendations for legal and ethical reasons.

Property maps are available online through the Newaygo County GIS mapping program for users to view and print and can be searched by parcel number, last name, or parcel address.  Please keep in mind that Equalization staff are end-users of the GIS web map too and can only provide you with limited technical support.  Advanced technical support should be sought through the Newaygo County GIS technicians.

At Register of Deeds

No.  Deeds are handled at Newaygo County Register of Deeds and must be purchased through that department.

No.  Your taxes are calculated by your local treasurer.  Contact your township treasurer for current tax amounts or the County Treasurer for delinquent tax amounts.

Please contact your township assessor to discuss changes to the State Equalized Value and/or Taxable Value of your property.

Contact the Supervisor of your township and inform them you are having trouble with communications with the township officers.  It is also a good idea to write down the day and time you tried calling and whether you left a message.

Permission must be granted from your township first.  Generally, contacting the Zoning Administrator or Assessor can get you started with the process.  When approval is completed at the township level, the file is then brought to Equalization where we are contracted through the townships to perform changes to the GIS map.

Parcel addresses are assigned according to a grid system used by Newaygo County’s 911 Services.  This system is used to create uniform and easy-to-locate property addresses in the event of an emergency.  Without a uniform number, 911 may not be able to find your location.