Site Remediation Fund

Brownfield Authority Board
  • 1087 Newell St, P.O. Box 885
    White Cloud, MI 49349
    M-F, 8 AM – 5 PM

  • (231) 689-7201

In September 2007, the NCBRA received a grant from the Fremont Area Community Foundation to develop the County-Wide Brownfield Plan and perform environmental site assessments. NCBRA expenses that are reimbursed through tax increment financing are put in the local site remediation fund to pay for future project expenses.

The NCBRA has allocated funds from the local site remediation fund for both developer–driven projects and projects proposed by cities and townships. In 2010, the fund was increased through the financial support of the Newaygo County Board of Commissioners and the Fremont Area Community Foundation. 

To apply for assessment funding for a developer-driven project, please visit the links to the right to view the County-Wide Brownfield Plan, the Application for Brownfield Incentives, and the NCBRA’s Fee Schedule.

To request assessment funding, local governments need to submit the Local Government Application for Brownfield Assessment Funding to the NCBRA. The NCBRA Board will evaluate the project and determine if funding will be awarded. Cities or Townships that receive funding will sign an agreement with NCBRA and if a brownfield project is ever adopted for the property, NCBRA’s expenses may be reimbursed through Brownfield TIF.