Silent Observer

Phil Smalligan
Dispatch Director
  • 1018 Newell St, PO Box 885
    White Cloud, MI 49349

  • (231)689-5288

What Is Silent Observer?

The mission of the Silent Observer program is to provide channels of communications and rewards for anonymous information; to assist law enforcement through encouraging citizen and business participation and support; to help ensure a safer community.

Silent Observer is directed by a committee of Newaygo County citizen volunteers and a member of the law enforcement community. Donations from private individuals and businesses go into a fund that is used to pay rewards given by the Silent Observer Program. Contributions are tax deductible.

Silent Observer is mostly interested in information about serious crimes that affect the safety and well-being of your neighborhood and community. Some of the crimes Silent Observer would like to receive informational tips on include arson, drugs, burglary, CSC, robbery, murder, and weapons.

Silent Observer will arrange to pay anonymous cash rewards for information regarding criminal activity at the discretion of the board. Reward amounts are established on a case by case basis by the Silent Observer Supervisory Board. Confidentiality is strictly maintained. Even reward payments are arranged without anyone from Silent Observer or law enforcement agencies knowing your identity. The only way anyone will know about your tip, is if you tell someone.

If you have information about a crime call Silent Observer at 231-652-1121. You don’t have to identify yourself. Give the dispatcher the pertinent information and the dispatcher will give you a tip number and advise you to call back in 30 days. You will need that tip number in order to collect your reward later.

For more information write to:

Silent Observer
PO Box 845
White Cloud, Mi 49349