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BounceBack BRACKET Program

BRACKET is a first-time offender, Misdemeanor diversion program that provides diversion case management monitoring and administrative services for the County Prosecutor. As part of the administrative services, BRACKET collects and disburses restitution to victims. The diversion is a six month program that requires Defendants to pay fees, to make monthly call-ins, to complete 40 hours of community service, and most importantly to obey all City, State and Federal Laws.

If Defendants are eligible to participate in the program, they will complete a BRACKET information form at the time of their plea. The information form is submitted to BRACKET by our office on the plea date, which is the start of the six month diversion term. From that point on, BRACKET communicates directly with the Defendants to help them successfully complete their diversion program. BRACKET notifies our office when Defendants complete their diversion. We, in turn, notify the Defendants or Defense Attorneys and the Court of successful completion.

On the contrary, if Defendants do not follow the diversion agreement, their diversion offer may be revoked by the Prosecutor. In such case, the Defendants or Defense Attorneys and the Court are notified of unsuccessful completion.

Additional Information

Misdemeanor Diversion Solutions Data Sheet